Frequently Asked Questions


What do the sessions involve and why are they so long?


There are 2 types of running session, the shorter version and the longer version. The longer version includes use of the RunScribes, a fancy bit of kit that attaches to the foot and gives details about how the feet are landing etc. Using this tool we can not only look at foot issues, but help decide which shoes may be the optimal choice for your running style.

The shorter version lasts about 1.5 hours, this gives us time to discuss all aspects of your running and lifestyle (you would be shocked how important your work chair is!), see how you move and of course how you run! We then work on how to fix any issues we find.

The longer version needs an extra hour because of the time it takes to use the RunScribes, but if you really want to know how you run it's well worth it.


Why should I pay for analysis  when I can get it free in a shop?


I view this question as the elephant in the room, sometimes it's hard to address why a paid service is more valuable than a free one, especially when the voice is the beneficiary.

The best way I can describe this is how different the services are, in a shop they are looking at the impact of the shoe on your foot landing. There is no consideration of anything further up the body, which is often the root cause of the problem. This is certainly not gait analysis as gait involves the whole body. The biggest issue with this type of analysis is it often causes more issues, as trying to correct a hip issue at the foot almost certainly makes things worse.

The best thing to use shop based shoe analysis for is to try them on the treadmill and see if they feel super comfortable, if they don't they are almost definitely the wrong shoe.

In contrast what we offer is very different, we are looking at your whole body, along with your lifestyle factors and numerous other facets of your running. Sometimes the running becomes only a small part, and the very smallest part of that is often how the foot is landing.


What happens after the session?


Following the session the videos are analysed with commentary provided, these are then uploaded to Dropbox ready for you to download. This often takes 1-2days but during busier periods can be as long as a week. If you have not received your videos by this time then please check your spam folders then get in contact if nothing has appeared. During the session you will have received your ‘homework’ this is often in the form of exercises and lifestyle changes which are designed to improve your running. I promise you won't get detention if you don't do your homework, but I can guarantee changes will not happen without it!


When do I next come in?


This will vary from person to person, but it's often a good idea to book back in after 2-3 weeks, this has given the exercises chance to take effect, allowing the body to start responding. Any longer than this and it's often past  the ‘honeymoon’ period, exercises are no longer being done and the body is slipping back into old habits. If you attend before this happens we can see the impact of the homework, this helps keeps motivation high which is crucial!

We are often asked whether we recommend 1 or 3 follow up sessions, the answer depends on what kind of learner you are. If you prefer big dumps of information to take away and work on your own then 1 session is for you, if you like to receive this in bite size chunks with progress checks along the way then 3 sessions might suit you better.