At Trimechanics we offer Triathlon, Running and Cycling coaching. This comes in two distinct flavours that reflect our coaching philosophy. 


Pay as you go coaching

  • This coaching can be whatever you want it to be
  • Pick and choose what you want based on your needs
  • We can discuss your current plan or write a whole new one
  • We can formulate a whole year plan or just focus on a month of training
  • We can discuss any topic you can think of so we can solve your personal training 'problems'

£60 per hour long session via Skype or phone. 

£30 per follow up 30 minute session. 

Long term coaching 

  • Minimum of 3 months 
  • Mentoring and support is paramount
  • Training plan
  • Weekly catch up as a minimum
  • Use of Watsapp to ask questions and seek support when needed

£120 PCM


Why choose us?

This is arguably the most important decision when trying to find a coach, you want to know if the coach in question is the right fit for you and whether they will offer what you need. Our coaching is distinctly different from most coaching due to the unique skill set that lead coach Dr Tom brings to table. 

Real coaching extends far more than plans, spreadsheets and numbers. This is the easy bit, the harder bit is getting the most out of the athlete from a life and health perspective as this element is often overlooked. 

This is where our coaching starts, we begin with health, sleep and other facets of life and move onto crafting the best athlete from that. With over a decade of experience in Triathlon and running coaching combined with Dr Tom's medical background and interests in nutrition, the micro biome and circadian rhythm the result is a powerful combination that will get the best out of your whole life, not just the sport.

This will not work for everyone, we accept that, therefore in this case we would try and find you a coach who would offer a better fit. 

If you would like to know more then we suggest you give the Tri-mechanics podcast a listen, this gives an idea of our philosophy and how we could benefit you and your training. 

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