Why am I being asked to squat?

I get asked this one a lot, "why am I squatting?" 

Yes it's true, you don't squat while you run. 

But what squatting does is prove you have good hip mechanics, it can help loosen and open up the hips by activating the muscles. It can really help to show any weakness here. Plus it can help work on calf and Achilles strength and control which is so so important to running, 


So, how should I squat?  

 I don't think you need to squat with your heels on the ground, we are also not talking about weights here. I think the best type of squatting you can do is campfire squatting, heels on or off the ground, but not with a rounded back, if you have to round your back to hold your heels off the ground it's better to bring the heels up. 

Plus I think having the heels up actually works the Achilles and calf better.  

Look at this picture, notice how the person on the left has raised his heels? I'm not sure he's bothered about this and neither should you!  



They key is to spend time in this position, 10-15 minutes a day is ideal. Read a book or something.  

Get used to it, it will do wonders for your hips which will do wonders for your running!  


Happy running!