Why I'm eating oats like they are going out of fashion!

Oats are a great thing, they really are. I'm going to tell you very very briefly why and why I am eating on average twice a day at the moment.  

Oats are probably one of the most digestible grains, for humans at least.  

The problem with most grains is they are either painfully indigestible in their raw form (wheat) or they have been GMO'd or worse irradiated (wheat) and covered in pesticides (wheat!) or they are highly allergenic (wheat!!!). You get my point! Because of the changes wheat has undergone over the last half century it's really not what it once was. Super high in gluten (not an issue if you have a good gut microbiome) but still have tonnes of zonulin in (a molecuke which increases gut permeability/leaky gut). The thing about leaky gut is, it's not a problem if you have all the right bacteria there and it's not an issue if you only take in molecules like gluten in low doses, as they will break it down. The issue we have is giant doses of high gluten wheat, our bacteria can't cope, our gut becomes leaky and everything we don't want to let in comes in. 

Ok, that was a slight aside. So what about other grains, like oats for example? Well they haven't changed much. Yes, they may have a few things in them our body doesn't like, but they are in low doses and we deal with them fine (at this point I would recommend organic oats, as if you are eating a lot the pesticide residues can add up) .


So why are oats so great? 

  • They contain a substance called beta-glucan, it's the stuff that makes the oats go gloopy when you soak them. This stuff helps feed good bacteria, helps reduce gut permeability and enhances the mucus lining of our guts for protection, win win win!  
  • They have good amounts of fibre and carbs, but not too much and not too little. The fibre type is also more soluble as opposed to the insoluble type which could actually be quite distruptive to the gut (think celery) 
  • They fill you up - good for those trying to reduce food consumption from snacking and habit eating
  • They are cheap! Even buying the organic type they come in much cheaper than most foods calorie for calorie, so great for those on a budget.  


how can you make your oats even more awesome? 

  • Soak them for 1-12 hours - this increases the beta-glucan concentration, ready for when it hits your stomach, makes them more digestible too, and if you like rice pudding it makes them taste even better! 
  • Combine with goats milk. Goats milk is great thing, it can help reduce gut permeability as well, even better than colostrum which is 10x the price!  
  • Add in some mixed spice, I like a bit of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and pepper in mine. Tastes like Christmas!  
  • A dash of raw honey to taste!  
  • Finally, a controversial one. I add a whisked egg to mine, once the oats are almost cooked, on a super low heat I add in a whisked egg and cook for a minute or so, stirring lots, like you would make custard. Otherwise the egg will scramble, not good! It tastes incredible, don't knock it till you have tried it! It makes the porridge taste like custard, yum! Or eggnog if you add the above spices! 

So I have this bowl of loveliness after most sessions, as exercise increases gut permeability so this is part of my protection against that!  

I hope you had a great weekend!