Time - do you value yours? Or mine?

Time, it's the thing we can't get back. We often seem so besotted by stuff that we forget that time is all we have. Time in our lives, time with our loved ones. Any person on their death will never say they wanted more money, more fame or more stuff, only that they wanted more time.  

But honestly I'm not sure we value it anymore.  

We get more stuff to fill our time. We veg out in front of the TV to waste our time. We spend countless hours shopping for rubbish on amazon for Christmas presents, when maybe we could use that time to spend with the loved one we are shopping for? Just an idea.  

That's what I'm doing this Christmas. I'm going to take every person I love out for a drink, a walk, a coffee and maybe even a sneaky cake. I'm going to enjoy every second with them. IF (and I doubt this very much) they still want the rubbish I will hand them whatever note I have in my wallet and tell them to go buy something pretty.  

Ok so rant over. Where did this come from? 

I had an amazing conversation with a client on Saturday, thank you Sarah it truly made my week/month. 

We were talking about time. Both from our own perspective, but also the time of professionals like me. 

When you are coming to see me you are buying my time, you are not here to be fixed, you are here to LEARN.  

Learning how you move, how you run, why you run the way you do. You're here to learn down to fix yourself, so you NEVER have to see a person like me again. I'm trying my best to save you time.  

To all my clients have you noticed I never mention gym? I never mention finding MORE time, all the exercises are so simple you do them at home, whilst brushing your teeth, or squatting down to pick up your shoes. These are designed to save you time, save you the time you loose trying to fix an injury, the wasted time going to physio or the gym.  

I want to give you this gift of time, it's my present to you, it's my present to your loved ones  (who probably sacrifice a fair bit so you can do the sport you love). 

You won't go away from me with shiney stuff, sorry, all you will have is a head of ideas and hopefully an exciting new outlook on making yourself the best you can be.  

But am I worth it? That's for you to decide. It's not just me! We often painstakingly spend hours doing DIY that we hate to save money, but loose so much time in the process. Think about it next time, maybe consider giving a little money to an expert, not for their sake, but for yours. Let them buy you TIME the thing you can't get back.  

Have a great week - here's a reminder -