About Us

Tri-mechanics is based in Leeds, UK, our aim is to improve running by the use of studio based running analysis combined with information on a range of topics related to running via our website.
Tri-mechanics was founded by former medical doctor Dr Thomas Hughes, following leaving medicine Dr Tom went into research at Loughborough University studying how the foot moves as it lands. Attaining coaching qualifications through British Triathlon Tom was able to combine his academic and medical background with practical experience. 

This unique set of skills allows Tri-mechanics to provide a holistic approach to running technique, by understanding how the body works as a whole rather than focussing on one area. It also allows the integration of running with health and nutrition, this is a crucial consideration as you will always produce your best performance and stay injury free when your health is optimal. 

What can Tri-mechanics offer? 

Firstly, by reading the website we hope you will pick up information that will help your running or triathlon performance. We have aimed to make these posts informative but not 'run of the mill', they are designed to challenge what you thought you knew about the sport.
Contained within them are plenty of controversial ideas, so take this information at face value, rather than accept it outright you should experiment with these ideas yourself.
A large element of this will be running related injury, as injury, or the prevention of, is the key to long term health and performance in the sport. With this we will be aiming to provide only the most essential information, not burdening you with the finer details of what the injury is but focusing on why it happened and what you can do about it. 

In the studio we offer running analysis and highly tailored technique advice/coaching.
We will NOT be telling you how to run. This will not help and is something that can be found abundantly throughout the internet. What we will be doing is helping you learn how you can teach your body to run. The difference may be subtle, but the results will not be.
Each person learns in a different way, some learn by reading and memory, some need sensory input such as touch and sound. We aim to find out how you learn so we can give you the tools to improve yourself.
You will leave the studio with two things, you will leave with an understanding of how YOU run and what areas of weakness YOU have in both your running and your functional body strength. And you will leave with a way of fixing these weaknesses on your own.

Why choose us? 

As mentioned above our approach to running technique is a little different. This provides many advantages. 

By teaching your body how to run better there should be no drop in performance associated with changing technique
With no performance drop this can be done any time of the year, in or out of season without fear of affecting races
With this method the injury risk is low as you are not trying to force changes, just allowing them to happen naturally
This approach will also provide longevity as it is aimed an increasing your ability to run in the long term, thus increasing performance and reducing injury risk.

Dr Thomas Hughes competing at Stockton Duathlon 

Dr Thomas Hughes competing at Stockton Duathlon